1PC Head Scalp Neck Massager


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Usage Mode: Manual


Model Number: Four Claw Massager

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Size: Large

Material: ABS

Application: BODY

Type: Four Claw Full Body Massager

Type 1: Four Claw Head Scalp Massager

Type 2: Neck Massager

Type 3: Four Claw Massage Roller

Type 4: Hand-held Massage Roller

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1. Adopt a brand-new finger design, strengthen the three-dimensional massage angle, and make the touch more comfortable;

2. The product consists of four groups of concave-convex rollers totaling 32. When rolling massage, it feels more natural and does not damage the skin and muscles;

3. An original Zen massage roller, a set of separate rollers is specially added to the back of the handle of the product, which is designed to imitate the human thumb and is used to press acupuncture points;

No matter what occasion or time you are in, you can use the four-claw full-body massage roller to massage easily. No matter you need to apply any part of the head, back, foot, or calf, the four-claw full-body massage roller can give you A satisfactory health care effect! Instructions:

1. Lightly press the skin and lift from bottom to top, the effect is more obvious!

2. It can be used with other moisturizing products or massage during bathing.


Product color: beige green pink purple

Product material: ABS

Product specifications: 18*8cm

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