450ml Flame Humidifier Aromatherapy Diffuser with Bluetooth Audio


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Brand Name: Depulat


Certification: NONE



Unique Real Flame Effect: Transform your space into a tranquil oasis of comfort and serenity with our Oil Diffuser Humidifier. Featuring a built-in smart LED light that captures light and mist to replicate the flickering beauty of a real flame, it creates a cozy, relaxing, and calm ambiance.

Whisper-Quiet Sleep Aid Diffuser: Our advanced technology ensures whisper-quiet operation, while offering three customizable soothing sound options (Rain, Campfire, and Chirping Birds) to enhance your aromatherapy experience. Perfect for aiding sleep throughout the night.

Warm Glowing Night Light: Tailor the brightness levels and choose your preferred setting to craft a calming environment that promotes restful sleep. This multifunctional night light provides a sense of comfort and serves as a reliable companion for a peaceful bedtime routine.

Extended Operation with Large Water Tank: Our Air Humidifier boasts a generous 450ml water tank that ensures uninterrupted operation for 10-12 hours on the strong mist setting. Impressively, it runs for 12-15 hours on the weak mist mode, making it ideal for large rooms or spaces.

Oil Diffuser with Bluetooth Speaker: Elevate your surroundings with integrated Bluetooth speaker technology. Connect your device and indulge in your favorite tunes, podcasts, or soothing sounds while relishing the misty atmosphere! (NOTE: Bluetooth Name is PCXC600)

Customizable Mist Output and Brightness: Experience ultimate control over your environment with three misting modes (Thin, Mid, and Heavy). The built-in bottom warm night light creates a soothing ambiance, while the three levels of adjustable brightness let you set the perfect tone for relaxation.


Tank Capacity:4500m



1x Aroma Diffuser

1x Type-C Cable

1x Remote Contorler

1x charger

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