5 in 1 Cavitation 40K Multifunctional Body Slimming Machine


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Brand Name: mychway


Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Certification: RoHS

Model Number: LY-54K2

Feature1: fat burner weight loss

Feature2: Cellilute reduction

Feature3: Face Anti-aging

Feature4: Body slimming

Type1: 40K Ultrasound Cavitation Machine

Type2: cavitation ultrasonic machine

Suitable for: Salon Spa/Home


Multifunctional Fat Loss Machine Ultrasound Vacuum Fat Loss Wrinkle-removing Body Beauty Device


About this item

1, 5 Types of Beauty Massage – Mychway 5 in 1 beauty machine is a face & body massage machine specially designed for people with body shaping needs. It has 5 different professional beauty massage handles: flat handle, vacuum suction handle, 3-polar handle, 4-polar handle and 6-polar handle. whether you want to improve facial contour or sculpt body curve, there is always a massage handle suitable for you.

2, What This Machine Can Do – 3-polar handle, 4-polar handle, and 6-polar handle have heating function. You can massage the part you want to care while heating through the beauty handle to make it softer, and create a better skin state for the next care step. Flat handle can help you shape your body curve. The vaccum suction handle has both heating and suction functions, which can provide a totally different experience of heating care through suction massage.

3, Suitable for Multiple Body Areas – 3-polar handle is suitable for use around the eyes and on the face. 4-polar handle is a proper size for face and small areas on body. 6-polar handle is suitable for use on larger areas of the body. ⚠Flat handle is mainly used for body parts that need to be shaped, but be careful not to use it on the head, heart and back. Vacuum suction handle is also mainly used for body, and cannot be used on delicate body parts such as around the eyes.

4, Handle Testing Method – The flat handle of this machine is version 2.0, which has no heating and vibration functions. You can judge whether the flat handle is working properly by the following way: 1. Turn on the machine and adjust the energy level to the maximum. 2. Use flat handle to touch the water surface. 3. See if there are ripples on the water surface or hear a “zizzy” sound.

5, About After-sales Service – Mychway provide 1 year of manufacturer warranty service, so you don’t have to worry about after-sales problems at all. If you have any questions about our machine, whether about product quality or usage, please feel free to contact us directly. We will give you a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.

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