6 PCS 10ML Essential Oils Set


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Brand Name: HIQILI


Number of Pieces: One Unit

Essential Oil Type: Pure Essential Oil

Ingredient: Lavender Jasmine Eucalyptus Peppermint Frankincense Sweet Orange Ylang

Item Type: Essential Oil

USE: Our essential oils are suitable for diffusion, vaporizing, inhalation, cleaning, massage, oil burner, perfume, home care (bedroom, living room, bathroom, study room), office (workstation, conference room), outdoors, campground, yoga room, car and spa.

STORAGE METHOD: Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place, away from light


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1. VARIETY PURE ESSENTIAL OILS SET: Pick out the most favorable pure essential oils from this set, treat yourself at most costable way. It includes 16 different essential oils Lavender, Jasmine, Rose, Eucalyptus, Vanilla, Peppermint, Sandalwood, Orange, Lemongrass, Bergamot, Tea Tree, Cinnamon, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Rosemary, Lemon.

2. HIQGH QUALITY SOURCES FROM AROUND THE WORLD: HIQILI insist use STEAM DISTILLED essential oils which raw ingredients grow from GMO-Free and Organic Farms around the word, including Bulgarian Lavender, Australian Tea Tree, Spanish Rosemary, Brazilian Orange, Indian Lemongrass and more.
3. CREATE LONG-LASTING BLENDS: Aroma easily evaporated once exposed is one of the features of pure essential oils, the smell of some essential oils may disappear within half an hour, while some of them may last for more than 24+ hours or even longer. Blend slow and quick evaporated essential oils together will last the scent longer.
4. MORE OTHER USES: There are many incrediable benefits from pure essential oils, calming, relaxing, uplifting…, HIQILI purest essential oils are ideal used for diffuser, skin, hair, diffuser, perfumes, spray, candles, massage, humidifiers and more
5.QUALITY GUARANTEE:HIQILI only provided high quality essential oils which will be really helpful for wellness and health. All HIQILI oils have undergone multiple rounds of GC/MS testing by multiple third-party laboratories.

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16 bottles-10ML


16 bottles-10ML

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