7-Bead Multifunctional Massage Roller


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Brand Name: Romyse


Usage Mode: Manual

Model Number: steel ball massager

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Size: Medium

Material: ABS+ball

Application: BODY



1.This steel ball massager can effectively promote blood circulation, relieve physical fatigue, reduce inflammation and swelling, lose weight, lose weight, and shape the body.
2.The 7 rotating steel balls can be rotated 360°, kneading and massaging multiple parts of the body, dredging body meridians and relaxing muscles.
3.Suitable for whole body multi-part massage, such as shoulders, neck, arms, back, waist, abdomen, thighs, calves, etc.
4.The compact and lightweight massager is easy to carry around, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable massage anytime, anywhere.


Color: green
Material: ABS+ball
Product size: 10.5*9*8cm

Packing List:

1* Chinese and English packing box
1* Green steel ball host
1* Chinese manual


1. Pregnant women and those with skin inflammation should not use it.
2. Please keep this product out of reach of children.

Cleaning Method:

1. Steel ball cleaning
Find a thicker soft towel, first prepare a mild neutral detergent and soak the towel, then put the massager on the towel and roll the cleaning ball back and forth.
2. Deep cleaning
①Use a wooden stick or plastic stick to open the steel ball first, do not use an iron rod or knife to avoid damage to the buckle ②Remove the 7 steel balls and soak them in a neutral detergent for a while, then clean the steel balls and the inside of the buckle with an unused toothbrush stains;
Note: After use, there will be black friction marks in the buckle, which is a normal phenomenon, and there will be friction between metal and plastic!


Take 2-3ml of massage oil and apply it to the corresponding parts of the body, then massage with the meridian brush for about 10 minutes;
①Arm massage—start from the top of the arm, massage from top to bottom, first massage the inner side, and then massage the outer side;
②Waist massage—Pinch the fat on both sides of the waist and stimulate it properly, then use the meridian brush to brush from bottom to top;
③Abdominal massage — Massage the abdomen in a clockwise direction in a spiral manner;
④ Thigh massage — use massage oil in a spiral way, and use the meridian brush to massage from the knee to the top;
⑤Buttocks massage—start from the root of the buttocks, and massage the parts of the buttocks that tend to accumulate fat from bottom to top;
⑥Calf massage—start from the ankle, massage the calf from bottom to top, and use it on the muscular part.

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