DGYAO 660/880nm Red Infrared Light FUll Body Care Brace Device


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Brand Name: DGYAO


Color: Black

Material: 75% Neoprene+25%Velve

Recommended Use: Neck Pain,Nerve Pain,Lower Back Pain

Department: Men,women

Applicable Scene: Home,office

Light Species: 660nm red light, 880nm near infrared red light

Quantity of Near Infared Red Light: 484

Quantity of Red light: 484

Suitable for Pets: Yes

Quantity: 4 pc

Features: Practical to Use

Power Supply: AC110-240V


DGYAO  Red Light & Near Infrared Light Therapy Pads

How does Infrared light work?

Effective wavelengths of near infrared light therapy include 750 nm to 1,400 nm. The wavelength of the near infrared is more beneficial in treating deep wounds and relieving muscle and joint pain.850nm and 980 nm are common for near infrared light therapy.DGYAO adopts 108pcs 880 nm infrared led lights (invisible to naked light) and 108pcs 660 nm red led lights.
The combination of red and infrared light increase blood circulation by thermal effect to provide pain relief.The NIR is the shortest wavelength and the most penetrating infrared ray, which can penetrate 5 to 10mm of the human body tissues.Infrared light can penetrate the skin, directly to the muscles,subcutaneous tissue which helps to accelerate blood circulation, increase metabolism,relieve pain and increase muscle relaxation, resulting in massage effects.Infrared treats the disease at different levels because of mobilize the body’s own disease-resistant ability.

Benefits of Red Light Therepy

DGYAO Infrared & Red Light Therapy Device Penetrats muscles and joint s effectively to improve blood circulation and relieve pain.
Red & infrared light therapy is considered t o be a substance absorbed by the body. Penetrate the tissue!Fill the body with energy. Enhance immunity. Improve the life quality.

1.Relax of Muscle Spasms

2.Promote Blood Circulation

3.Natural,Non-invasivem and Drug Free Skin Rejuvenation

4.Easily self Treatment at Home

5.Relieve Back,Low Back,Shoulder and Joint Pain and inflammation

6.Soothes the Nervous System

7.Promotes Wound and Tissue Healing Faster

8.Prevents Muscle From Soreness and Fatigue

9.Relax and Sleep Better

Package Included

4 x Red & infrared Light Therapy Pad
3 x Short DC Cord
1 x Long DC Cord
1 x Auto Shut-Off Timer (20 Minutes)
1 x Inflatable Pillow
1 x Power Adapter
3 x Velcro Strap

Connection instructions

Seller's Notes

Do not strike or step on the lights system for it may damage the lights.

Please make sure your skin is cool and dry when using the lights wrap.

NOT wet the light system, clean it Only with the wet tow(not much water)

Avoid exposing the light system directly to the sun, wet or heated area.

Avoid direct contact to the eyes, not intended for wrapping on the face.


60-Days return and replacement period
1-year warranty  on the whole product
18 months free replacement on the connectors
Frequently Asked Questions
Q1:What should therapy feel like?
A1:You will feel mild warm-up on your body and muscle relax.
Q2:How often should I use the pad?
A2:You may apply it for 1-3 times per day, 20 minutes each time.
Take a rest and drink some water to relax yourself before next
following use.
Q3:Does it has both red and infrared lights?
A3:Yes. 484 near infrared light + 484 red light.
Q4:How many lights are there on the pad?
A4:968 lights.
Q5:What is the demension of the system?
A5:23.6”×44” Therapy area.(4 pieces 23.6”x11” Pad)
Q6:How long is the connector strips?
A6:Total 15 ft (4.56 meters).
Q7:Does it need to be plugged into the socket?
Q8:How long will it take to experience relief?
A8:We recommend wearing it for 2-3 therapy sessions per day for
the first month. Please be patient because it may take several
weeks to experience optimal relief.
Q9:Can I use this with pain medications?
A9:Talk to your doctor about your pain medication use in
conjunction with our wrap.
Q10:Are there side effects?
A10:No. You may experience the skin irratation if you’re allergic to
the fibers.
Q11:Can people with heart disease or heart pacemaker use it?
Q12:What situations should I not use the therapy?
A12:When you suffer high fever, tumour, open tuberculosis, heart
disease, acute soft tissue injury.
Q13:Can multiple people share the device?
A13:Yes. The device can be used by different people and your pets
too if you like.
Q14:What’s the wavelenth of the lights?
A14:660nm in red lights and 880nm in infrared lights.
Q15:At what voltage can this device be used?
A15:The device can be used in AC 110-240V or DC 12V
Q16:Can I put the device into water for washing?
Q17:Can I use a device in bed?
A17:No, this device needs to be placed on a flat and solid surface
(such as a floor) to use.
Q18:Can I use 5 pads?
A18:Yes, you can combine 1-4 pads at will (For example, 2 pads, 3
pads. if you need to use 5 pieces of pads at the same time, you
need to purchase an additional one).

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