GX Hair Repair Applicator Liquid


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Brand Name: GX.Diffuser


NET WT: 30ml

Ingredient: Essential Oil

Quantity: 2

Item Type: Hair & Scalp Treatment

Model Number: GX-P03-L

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Color: Light Purple

Name: Hair Care Essence Brush

Fully charge&Usage Hour: About 2 hrs/ 30 mins

Voltage/Power: 5V=1A, 5W

Essence Volume: Approximate: 3mL/min

Battery Data: 3.7V=1000mAh


GX·Diffuser Hair Care Treatment Rosemary Essential Oil Comb for Damage Hair

Product Features – GX Smoothing Permanent Hair

1. GX·Diffuser will help you solve the problems that you encounter with your hair

A) Hand applied essential oil is sticky and troublesome?

B) Uneven hand application?

C) Hair damage caused by perm and dyeing?

D) The damaged hair is dry and irritable?

E) Hair is greasy, soft and flat?

2. Guxin Essential Oil Comb – 5X Atomized Argan Oil for Hair

0.6mm Nozzle Constant Pressure Sprays, 120KPA constant pressure from the outside to the inside to touch and maintain each hair of yours.


How to use? – GX Hair Repair Oil Comb


Button Guidance:

1. Long pressing in the button for 2s to turn on. After booting, keep pressing to spray essence for Max 60s. Once release the button to stop spraying. Short pressing to turn off the whole brush. If the brush is on without pressing the button for 60s will turn off automatically.

2. Brush is shutdown, short press the button for 5 times to enter into cleaning mode.

Clean Mode: Work 2s, suspends for 1s, 5 times in a cycle then finish.

Charge Guidance: Red light is on while brush in charging; While finish charging blue light is on.

Power Shortage: Lower power the red light will flash 5 times then brush shutdown.

Storage: Take out the essence bottle, dry the brush and keep it in a ventilated and cleaning place.

What in side? – Pure Magical Hair Treatment

Accessories: Brush*1, Essence nozzle*1, 15mL hair bottles*2, charging cable*1, cleaning cloth*1

Precaution – GX Essential Oil Comb, Full of Vitamins for Hair

1. It is strictly forbidden to turn on and use to your face. It only for hair care using.

2. It is strictly forbidden to store or transport by express the brush while essence bottle with liquid. Please make sure it will be vertical placement while it have essence inside.

3. Please turn off the brush while take out the battery.

Trouble Shooting & Attention – Spray hair Machine

1. If the essence cannot spray out correctly, please check at following ways:

    ① Sticky Essence cannot spray out smoothly;

    ② Nozzle is blocked

2. Please do not clean the brush with chemical liquid or alcohol.

3. Please use the soft cloth to clean the surface and take out the essence bottle before storage.

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