Hair Removal Double Sides Cold Wax Strips


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Brand Name: FlowWeek


Number of Pieces: COMBO

Model Number: NF064

Type: Wax Strip

Product name: Waxing Strips

Applicable Crowd: normal

Quantity: 1Pack/ 16 double-sides

Skin Type: Suitable for all skins

Applicable parts: Limbs, underarms, bikini, face, etc.

Feature 1: Hair Removal Wax Strips

Feature 2: Hair Removal Wax Paper

Feature 3: Double Sided Cold Wax Paper

Feature 4: For depilation

Feature 5: For Bikini Leg Body Face

Feature 6: For Women& Men

Feature 7: Fast Facial Body Hair Removal

Feature 8: Easy to Use

Feature 9: Leaves no dark spots and pores

Feature 10: slow down hair growth


Hair Removal Double Sides Cold Wax Strips With Adhersive Depilatory Paper Women Men Body Leg Facial Hair Remove Body Care tool

Size: (approx.) 18 x 9 cm
Material: Non woven
QTY: 1Pack/16 double-sides
For Legs, Body and Facial Hair
No need to heat before use
Suitable for all kinds of skin
Excess wax can be removed with a cotton wool pad or tissue moistened with baby oil.
Cold wax strips provide a gentle and safe application leaving your skin hair free for up to 4 weeks.

       Cold Wax is created with the highest quality natural ingredients without the use of chemicals or preservatives. If you care about your skin, don`t use chemical hair removers, choose the natural alternative.
Cold Wax is able to remove all types of hair, female & male, fine, coarse, or tough hair. Due to Cold Wax, waxing has never been faster or easier,just spread the wax, press on the applicator strip, and remove in one quick motion.
Cold Wax is fast & easy to remove your unwanted hair from the roots leaving your skin silky smooth for up to six weeks. Repeated use of Cold Wax weakens the hair folicle which inhibits regrowth resulting in finer, sparser.

How to use:
Step 1: Keep the skin clean before waxing.
Step 2: Remember the direction of the hair growth.
Step 3: Rub the wax strip by hands for 30 seconds, then peel the two strips apart, apply one of them to the area where you want to remove hair.
Step 4: Firmly smooth it in the same direction as hair growth, for approximately 10 seconds, ensuring strip is securely fixed to skin.
Step 5: Holding the skin taut to avoid discomfort, immediately pull the strip back on itself against the direction your hair growth, keep the strip as close to the skin as possible.
Step 6: Remove excess wax on skin with either a clean cotton wool pad or tissue. DO NOT use soap, or alcohol to clean skin after waxing. We suggest to moistened with after wax to protect your skin.

1. The color is just for reference only. It may slightly different from real item.
2. Please allow the size for 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement. Thank you!

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