Herbal Steam Spa Seat – Bath Steamer Massager


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Brand Name: VamsLuna


Plug Type: EU Plug

Standard Voltage: 220V

Application: BODY

Function 1: Promotes Increased Circulation

Function 2: Helps Reduce Gas, Stress, Bloating, Cramping

Size: 29 X 27.5 X 35.5 cm

Capacity: 150ml



Product Features:
1. Convenient to be able to adjust steam with control leve.
2. Always feel comfortable as steaming for a long time due to ergonimic design steam seat
3. The upgraded version of the fumigation instrument has a novel appearance, fashion design,
4. Anti-dry automatic power off,
5.Large capacity 150 ml, LED display button,
6. 5 gear positions can be adjusted, heating up fast, easy to operate,
7. Convenient, fast, inside a pack of disposable cushions, measuring cups, isolation nets,

Functional operation instructions:
1. Fill the clean water into a measuring cup up to the line of stainless steel container.
2. Put the medicine kit you need bag into the case and then Mount it on the top of Stainless container.
3. The fifth gear is the fast heating gear, and boot defaults to 5th gear.
4. Heat it quickly for about 2 minutes after, please switch between 1-4 steps.
5.1 to 5 cycle switching, the higher the gear, the higher the temperature.

1. Keep away from chemical materials such as cosmetics and soaps.
2. Pregnant women are not recommended to use the steam seat.

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