HIQILI Fragrance Oils Set-Women Theme


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Brand Name: HIQILI


Number of Pieces: One Unit

Essential Oil Type: Pure Essential Oil

Item Type: Essential Oil

USE: Our essential oils are suitable for diffusion, vaporizing, inhalation, cleaning, massage, oil burner, perfume, home care (bedroom, living room, bathroom, study room), office (workstation, conference room), outdoors, campground, yoga room, car and spa.

STORAGE METHOD: Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place, away from light


1. X-day delivery from overseas warehouses: 3-7 days to home, safe and fast, the first choice for transportation.


  • STRICT SAFETY GUARANTEE:  Certified by the IFRA, HIQILI fragrance oil ensures highly concentrated, safe & pure ingredients. They are vegan, cruelty-free, alcohol-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free. It's recommended to use up within 1 year after opening.

  • QUALITY PACKAGING: Our perfume oil set includes 6×0.33 Fl Oz premium scented oils, such as Warm Vanilla Sugar and Floral Night Rose. The thick amber glass bottle has a leakproof inner cap to control liquid flow and a black threaded cap. It comes with a flip-top paper box, internal partitions, and anti-collision foam for safe shipping. Enjoy a variety of scents thoughtfully packaged for quality and convenience.

  • MULTIPURPOSE Women SCENTS:  Ladies, looking for a floral, sweet, and cozy fragrance? Try Perfect Woman fragrance essential oils! Use them to make candles, soaps, or unique perfumes that make great gifts. Or use them in aromatherapy humidifiers, diffusers, and lotions to boost your mood and help you relax. Perfect for special occasions like weddings, parties, proms, or relax at home. Experience the perfect scent for any occasion and brighten up your day !

  • PRODUCT FEATURE:Our oily fragrance liquid is transparent with a slightly yellow or light amber color and easy-to-volatilize texture. Its scent changes with temperature, providing a fresh aroma at lower temperatures and a stronger scent at higher ones. Add small amounts of water or carrier oil to avoid an overwhelming fragrance. For external use only, keep in a cool, dry place away from children and pets. With a heat-resistant flash point of over 200℉.

  • HIQILI is an expert in producing exquisite perfume oils with unique scents. We use only high-quality ingredients from around the world and adhere to strict standards to ensure premium quality. Our collection includes floral, fruity, and distinctive scents like Forest, Rainbow, blue jeans, harvest spice, fall leaf, and leather. Our goal is to uplift your spirits and make you feel great with our delightful fragrances.


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6 Bottles-10ML



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