Neck Facial Lifting Device


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Brand Name: Hailicare



Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Material: ABS

Size: 10.5*9*3CM

Working Principle: ION+

Working Principle: ION-

Working Principle: LED

Working Principle: EMS

Working Principle: Warm

Commodity Quality Certification: ce

Certification: CE


Manufacturing Process: Machine Made

Function: Skin Rejuvenation

Function: Skin Tightening

Function: Anti Wrinkle

Function: Lifting

Model Number: Skin Tightening Skin Care Tools

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Type: Neck Face Beauty Device


Electric Neck Beauty Instrument with Base Mini Household Neck Massager Small IPL Nursing Beauty Device Lifting Skin Lighten Neck Lines Fading Law Lines for Neck and Face USB Charging


1. The electric neck beauty device for neck and face is specially designed for creating a swan neck, which can effectively lift and firm the skin, reduce facial wrinkles, fine lines and neck lines.

2. The three colors of red, blue and purple light can directly reach the bottom layer of the skin, heat the collagen cells, promote the contraction and proliferation of collagen fibers, dilute neck lines, and improve dull skin tone.

3. 43℃ constant temperature heating + EMS microcurrent + four skin care modes + three levels of intensity adjustment, which help to accelerate blood circulation, promote collagen production, and restore youthful vitality to the skin.

4. Acoustic imitation design concept, three-dimensional round tail shape, fashionable, beautiful and novel, fully fit the neck curve, and deeply touch the neck skin.

5. Ion introduction nutrition, through the decomposition and re-introduction of nutrients by electric ions, improves the skin's absorption efficiency of nutrients. When used with neck cream and neck mask, the effect will be doubled.


Material: ABS

Color: white

Battery capacity: 400mAh

Use time: 1 hour

Charging voltage: DC5.0V

Rated current: 0.4A

Rated power: 1.6W

Charging time: ≤3.5 hours

Net weight: 0.101KG

Product size: 10.5*9*3CM

Color box size: 13.2*10.1*6CM

Packing List:

1* Host

1* Base

1* USB Charging Cable

1* English User Manual

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