Pink Ice Roller Face Roller Massager


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Brand Name: Cxbfg


Power Source: None

Number of Pieces: One Unit


Pink Ice Roller,Face Roller Massager for Puffiness Relief Pain and Minor Injury,Beauty Products to Tighten Pores
Whiten Skin

1. Ice Roller is designed to help relieve pain and discomfort and decrease swelling and puffiness
2 Ice Rolling Therapy helps relieve fatigue, calm skin, and reduce inflammation
3. Use in the morning to help wake up and tighten skin before makeup application
4. Use in the evening after your skin cleansing routine to help close pores and reduce puffiness
5.The Ice Roller is made with soft and comfortable gel that freezes quickly and evenly. Simply put the gel roller in the freezer
for 10-15 minutes and enjoy the benefits of ice rolling massage

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