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Other Names: Biological Fertilizer

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NPK Industries RAW Potassium all sizes flowers and bees background

Raw Potassium by NPK Industries is a technical grade plant supplement that is used for horticultural purposes. Raw potassium contains 50% soluble potash which is the highest concentration of fully water soluble potassium available to the home gardener. RAW nutrients are completely water soluble and ideal for “spoon feeding” plants exactly what they need as their needs change throughout development, allowing for complete control of their needs. This product is used to treat deficiencies or boost potassium levels to boost the overall quality of a plant’s health.

Directions for use:

1tsp = 5ml. 1gal = 3.8L

Add 1/16 to 1/8 tsp per gal in reservoir

Apply as needed in irrigation

A 2 oz. package makes up to 200 gallon, an 8 oz. package makes up to 800 gallon & a 2 lb. package makes up to 3200 gallon.

*As always, moderation is recommended when using additives. Start with very low dosages, see how the plants respond, and add more if necessary.

RAW = Soluble

RAW Potassium

RAW Potassium

RAW Potassium

Increases sugar content

Potassium is very important for carbohydrate metabolism, increasing the sugar content in the sap. Sugar content is measured with a brix.

The higher the brix, the higher the sugar contents in the sap, the healthier the plant!

RAW = Soluble

Feeding with NPK RAW Solubles is easy! Simply add appropriate proportions to your watering reservoir and stir.

Balance is key!

Toxic levels of potassium are possible by over feeding, so be sure to measure carefully and only use as recommend by NPK Industries feeding chart.

RAW Potassium

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Soluble Potash(K2O)…………………………….50%

Derived from:

Potassium Sulfate

Recommended uses

  • Prompts healthy plants
  • Corrects deficiencies
  • Increases fruit quality
  NPK Industries RAW potassium 2 ounce oz package NPK Industries RAW potassium 8 oz ounce package NPK Industries RAW potassium 2 pound lb package NPK Industries RAW Potassium 10 pound bucket NPK INdustries RAW Potassium 25 pound bucket
  2 oz 8 oz 2 lb 10 lb 25 lb
Estimated Total Gallons made 200 gal 800 gal 3,200 gal 16,000 gal 40,000 gal
Number of Teaspoons 12 tsp 48 tsp 192 tsp 960 tsp 2,400 tsp

NPK Industries Feeding Chart in Teaspoons

NPK Industries Feeding Chart

Designed to be used in conjunction with RAW Soluble Micro-nutrient Line according to feeding charts developed by Master Gardener Harley Smith!

NPK Industries

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