Plastic Silicone Massage Comb


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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null


Material: ABS

Color: Yellow

Item No: Round Brush


Plastic Silicone Massage Comb Shampoo Scalp Hair Massager Comb Brushes Bath Shower Body Cleaning Brush Hair Washing Care Tools

Product Category: Massage Comb, Hair Comb

Material: ABS

Color: Yellow

Item No.: Round Brush

Style: Simple

1. 【Soft And Flexible Hair Brush】The Soft And Flexible Silicone Bristles Gently Massage Your Scalp And Hair, Creating A Soothing And Relaxing Experience While Shampooing.

2. 【Japanese Scalp Massager】Inspired By Japanese Scalp Massage Techniques, This Brush Provides Thorough Stimulation To Promote Healthy Hair Growth And Overall Scalp Health.

3. 【Effective In Anti-Dandruff And Anti-Itching】The Unique Design Of This Brush Helps To Exfoliate The Scalp, Remove Dandruff, Relieve Itching, And Make Your Hair And Scalp Feel Refreshed And Clean.

4. 【Stimulate Hair Growth】The Gentle Massaging Action Of This Brush Helps To Stimulate The Blood Circulation Of The Scalp, Promote The Delivery Of Nutrients To The Hair Follicles, And Promote Healthy Hair Growth.

5. 【Deep Cleansing And Detoxification】This Brush Is Ergonomically Designed To Effectively Reach The Hair Roots, Remove Dirt, Oil And Product Buildup, Allowing Your Hair To Deeply Cleanse And Detoxify.

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