Powerful Ultrasonic Facial Skin Scrubber


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Brand Name: Beauty Star


Material: Plastic

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Function: Facial Clean

Function: Skin Tightening

Function: Skin Rejuvenation

Function: Dead Skin Removal

Item Name: Powerful Ultrasonic face Skin Scrubber

Voltage: 100-240V, 50-60Hz

Power: 8W

Frequency of supersonic: 24KHz

Ultrasound Skin Cleaner: Facial Skin Scrubber

Face Deeply Cleansing: Face Skin Care Massager


Powerful Ultrasonic face Skin Scrubber Blackhead Acne spots Removal Machine

Power: 8W
Frequency of supersonic:24KHz;
Frequency modulation:3Hz/30Hz;
Out put of Supersonic Power:50mW~1W


Remove Eye bags, scars, snake disease, elimination of local obesity, Remove the grease.Acne nursing.Go the aging cutin.Smooth the wrinkle.Remove the melanin.

Using Step:

1.Connect the skin scrubber to the output jack. Turn on the machine.
2.Adjust energy and intensity
When starting the operation,please start from the low gear and slowly adjust to the gear that suitable for you.
3.Dampen your face, apply cleanser on face, press“work key”to cleanse skin.
Press and hold for working state, release for standby state.
4.Apply moisturizer on face , nutrition mode helps your lotion yo penetrate deeply to your layers.

Warm Tip:

1. Remove metal accessories such as watches before operation.
2, the probe can not be air-burned; the probe is kept clean, can not be washed with water, gently wipe with cotton when disinfecting or cleaning, do not drop and impact.
3. Do not place the instrument in a damp place.
4. Do not touch the shovel head to the eyeball area and use it.
5, do not operate too long in the same position on the skin.
6, liver or kidney dysfunction or cirrhosis should not be used.
7, do not use cardiovascular disease and sensitive skin patients, pregnant women, bleeding disorders and external wounds.

Package Includes:

1*Main machine
1*Scrub head
1*Power cord
1*Instruction manua

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