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Relaxation Bracelet Body Care Feeling Unwell Bracelet Sugar Comfort Care Fashion Design Body Health Bracelet Health & Beauty


Name:ion Bracelet

Keywords: Ion Bracelet

Specifications: 1pcs

Gross Weight: 25g

Product Material: Silicone + Bowl Steel

Packing Size: 6.7*2*6.7cm

Product Size:22×1.2cm


1. Strengthen Overall Circulatory System Health

2. Safe Materials Can Be Used With Confidence, Generating Magnetic Fields For Human Interaction

3. Relieve Intermittent Pain In Daily Life

4. When Worn, The Bracelet Can Help Easily Enhance Overall Circulatory System Health And Gently Promote Blood Circulation

5. It Can Generate A Strong Magnetic Field To Help Dilate Blood Vessels And Increase Blood Flow, Thereby Aiding The Transportation Of Oxygen And Nutrients.

Package Included:

1*(1 Bracelet)

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