RtopR Teeth Whitening Essence


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Brand Name: RtopR


Item Type: Toothpaste

Quantity: 1pcs

Model Number: RtopR024

Number of Pieces: One Unit

NET WT: 10ml

Ingredient: menthol,citric acid

Age Group: Adults

Name: Teeth whitening essence

Feature1: White teeth

Feature2: Bright Teeth

Feature3: Dentist tools

Effect1: Remove teeth stains

Effect2: Clean mouth

Effect3: Fresh breath

Net Wt: 0.34fl oz/10ml

Suitable for the crowd: Aldult

Storage period: 3 years


Name: Teeth whitening serum


Brighten Teeth
Plaque Stains Removal

Net Wt: 0.34fl oz/10ml


Using the latest bright white tooth formula, natural plant ingredients, developed for people with smoking teeth, yellow teeth, black teeth, and tetracycline teeth, help you remove plaque, whiten and brighten the teeth, restore the healthy and white condition.


Water,glycerin,ppg-10 sorbitol,magnolia grandiflora leaf extract,xylitol,xanthan gum,angelica polymorpha extract,hydroxyacetophenone ,1,2-hexanediol,citric acid,menthol,arbutin,urea peroxide,flavor.


1.Please clean the mouth with water firstly.
2.Then use a cotton swab to dip appropriate amount of the product and please making sure it is not too wet, wipe the teeth surface repeatedly in front of the mirror, about 1 min to wipe each tooth.
3. Please rinse with warm water until the plaque is wiped clean.


1.Please wipe gently when remove stain, so as not to damage the gums and oral mucosa.
2.If the stains can’t be removed completely, please use again after one week.
3.Children under the age of 13 should not use it, do not try to swallow.


Please store in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

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