Scalp Applicator Liquid Comb for Hair


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Brand Name: Hailicare


Application: BODY

Size: Multi Size SML

Material: Composite Material

Model Number: Scalp Applicator Liquid Comb

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation


1. The 1ml precise scale helps you apply medicine more accurately; the visual window allows you to know the remaining medicine amount anytime and anywhere.

2. The soft brush made of fiber bristles helps to apply the medicine evenly and promotes scalp absorption, making it suitable for people with sensitive scalps.

3. The double-layer inner tank is vacuum sealed to effectively prevent leakage of medicinal solution; the larger opening of the liquid inlet bottle allows you to add medicinal solution smoothly.

4. This applicator is as compact and portable as lip gloss, allowing you to take care of your hair and scalp anytime, anywhere.

5. This applicator is anti-rust and anti-corrosive, has a long service life, supports cleaning, and is easy to keep clean and hygienic to avoid bacterial infection.


Capacity: 15ml

Brush head material: fiber hair

Colour: Black

Storage conditions: Store at room temperature and in a dry place

Net weight: 38g

Product size: length 13.8* diameter 2.6cm

How to use:

1. Unscrew the cap of the liquid dispenser, unscrew the brush head and the liquid dispenser bottle, take out the vacuum bottle, then pull out the brush head, and unscrew the cap of the vacuum bottle pump.

2. Use a funnel or dropper for dispensing, and be sure to fill it fully. (If there is air in the vacuum liner, the liquid discharge will not be smooth.)

3. Press once and the liquid output is 0.25ML (4 times 1ml). The scale on the inner tank of the product is 1 ml/division. The speed of fluid dispensing is related to the frequency of compression.

4. When using, open the hair seam, press the applicator on the scalp, apply the liquid on the scalp, then continue to press, and repeat the above operations until the application is completed.

5. During use, the piston at the bottom of the vacuum bottle will rise with the amount of use. After the liquid is used up, the piston will reach the top. Use the push rod to push the piston to the bottom to pour liquid again.

6. What should I do if I don’t want to fill it up?

Step ①: Remove the brush head from the inner tank and the silver button at the bottom, use the push rod to push the piston up from the bottom, and push it to the mark as many milliliters as you want.

Step ②: Close the silver cap and pour the liquid from the mouth of the bottle at the brush cap end.

Step ③: Close the lid, tighten the outer tank and use it.

Package Included:
1*15mL hair applicator

2*3ML dropper



1*storage bag

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