Sevich 5 Second Water Infusion Hair Mask


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Brand Name: sevich


NET WT: 100ml

Ingredient: Collagen/Keratin

Quantity: 1PC

Item Type: Hair & Scalp Treatment

Model Number: Hair Fill-Up Treatment Mask

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Name: Salon Water Infusion Hair Mask

Effect: Smoothing & Moisturing Hair

Features 1: Repair Damaged Hair

Features 2: Improve Dry Hair

Function: Moisturizing,prevents split ends

Suit For: Dry& Damage Hair

Drosphipping: Support


Sevich 100ml Salon Water Infusion Hair Mask

Newly developed 5 second water hair mask, which is different from common cream hair masks.This transparent water hair mask transforms hair in 5 seconds for silkier, shinier, healthier looking hair!It is very suitable for friends with oily hair,don't worry about greasy feeling and weight feel after use. It can obviously change the texture of the hair with one use,moisturizers and amino acids can repair damaged hair and reduce the burden of split ends, frizz and dullness.


1) 1 second on,5 seconds penetration,flowing liquid quickly penetrates every strand of hair,realize that every hair becomes soft.

2) Refreshing and non-greasy,clear watery texture, fresh and easily absorbed,long-lasting moisturisation and hair growth promotion.

3) Vegetable amino acids,protect the outer sheath cells of hair follicles from ultraviolet rays and benzopyrene, reduce the damage of sunlight, cigarette smoke, and exhaust gas to the stratum corneum of the hair shaft.


Contains moisturizing hair care ingredients, protects dry and frizzy hair, makes the hair straight and smooth and easy to comb. The refreshing watery texture makes the hair care process lighter and smoother.

Suitable For

suitable for women men all hair types(especially for oily hair)


1.Take an appropriate amount of hair mask and mix with water in a ratio of 1:1 to make a translucent white.

2.Apply evebly on wet hair after shampooing.

3.After massaging the hair for 15-30 seconds, rinse it off with water.


1. After cleansing with shampoo, rotate open the nozzle of the 5 Seconds Hair Mask and apply evenly to the hair.

2. Massage the hair slightly with both hands for 2-3 minutes.

3. Rinse well with water.


If you feel unwell,please stop using it. Please avoid taking it by infants and young children.

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