Terahertz Cell Activator- Pain Relief Physiotherapy Machine


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Brand Name: UKLISS


Usage Mode: Manual

Size: Medium


Size: Small

Size: Large

Application: BODY

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Material: ABS & TPR

Application: Waist

Shelf Life: 1years

Quality Certification: ce

Instrument classification: Class I

Usage: Body Healthcare

Material: ABS


Keywords: Blood Circulatior

Product Name: physiotherapy machine

Properties: Pain Relief

length width and height: 30*11*14


Product efficacy:

1) destroy harmful cells.

2) strengthen healthy cells and trigger Dormant cells.

3) help the body repair itself.

4) regulate endocrine disorders.

5) improve microcirculation and eliminate water in the body.

Physiotherapy tips for cell thermotherapy.

-Drugs can treat tissue damage, but cannot restore cell damage.

-Cells hyperthermia device directly introduce light waves into the human body,

Automatically identify normal cells to accelerate blood flow-(normal heat dissipation).

It brings a lot of negative ions to cells and solves the excessive state.

Accumulate positive ions in the body to promote self-repair and rebirth of body organs.

-A large number of quanta can be brought to cells by the use of the cell therapy instrument of the THF wave.

-Wake up the body’s absorption capacity and relax muscles.

-Help open internal circulation and filter debris.


Various inflammation

Rhinitis, pharyngitis, gastritis, gynecological inflammation, prostatitis, etc.

Various pain points

Shoulder and neck pain, arthralgia, lumbago, headache, dysmenorrhea, sciatica, etc.

Various blockages

Meridian obstruction, lymph, obstruction, varicosity, diabetes and hypertension.

Skin Beauty

Acne, acne scars, blemishes, anti-aging, beauty, various skin diseases, etc.

Product Description

Quantum health technology makes health maintenance easier

The Physiotherapy Secrets of Cellular Hyperthermia Drugs can treat tissue damage, but they cannot restore cell damage. The cell hyperthermia instrument directly introduces light waves into the human body and automatically recognizes normal cells and accelerates blood flow (normal heat dissipation). Can bring a large number of negative ions to cells, solve the state of excessive accumulation of positive ions in the body, promote the self-repair and rebirth of body organs The terahertz wave cell therapy instrument can bring a lot of quantum to the cell Wake up the body’s absorption capacity and relax the muscles Help open up the internal circulation and filter clutter

Physical therapy instrument

terahertz wave technology
Regulate the micro-ecology.
Core technology:
quantum technology, terahertz technology, multiple filtering system.
Principle and characteristics:
Penetrates normal tissues reaches the uncomfortable parts. Abnormal cells absorb excessive energy and heat up and destroy themselves. At the same time, they activate inert cells and enhance the body’s self-healing ability.
Anti-Puffiness, Detox, Nourishing, Skin Rejuvenation, Get rid of cold and dampness, Improve nervous system, Cell repair and protection, Treatment diseases such as turbid phle

Nine effects in one

explosive destruction of cells, activation of emotional cells, enhancement of self-healing power, clearing of meridian lymph,improving microcirculation, caring for life glands, beautifying skin care, removing cold and dampness, softening and firming knots

Use half an hour is equivalent to

10 times acupuncture
10 times moxibustion
20 cupping
30 Gua Sha
40 massages

Solves your pain in 15 minutes

Dredge the veins,Shujin active
Remove dampness and cold
Warm Palace Maintenance
Whole body physiotherapy
Soothing the liver and regulating qi
Nourishing Qi and Invigorating Spleen
Dispelling wind and nourishing lungs
Strengthen the kidneys and bones Warm
ventilated blood,Deep Detox
Wenyang Tongluo,Beauty care
relief the pain,Improve sub-health immunity

Energizing cells nine-effects in one

A healthy experience that goes straight to deep care 1Invigorate people and be full of vitality
2Promote metabolism and smooth circulation.
3There is no room for ”bad” cells to breed
4Enhance thinking and memory
5 Balance the operation of the human body system 6Strengthen the immune system and defend against external aggressions
7Improve energy level, exercise ability
8Balanced skin tone and bright complexion
9Take care of life


[Core Technology] Terahertz Chips + Quantum + Optical Quartz + Negative Ion + Blue Light Therapy Product use Non-invasive operation, deep heat penetration, continuous heat energy, open up circulation, strain recovery, stimulate cells, relax muscles and collaterals, relieve pain, remove moisture, remove dampness and remove cold, beauty maintenance, health care, safe use, direct access to the affected area Applicable people: sub-health, pain, middle-aged and elderly, damp people High permeability The active terahertz energy light waves can penetrate 20-30CM of the human body (manual massage can penetrate 2-3CM, and general instruments can reach 6-7CM), quickly dredge the meridians, lymph nodes, improve microcirculation, expel cold and dampness, and soften knots. Quick results 3 minutes to relieve itching, 10 minutes to relieve pain, 20 minutes to clear meridians and collaterals, high temperature kills abnormal cells, repairs damaged cells, and clears blockages Intelligent Recognition Penetrates normal tissues, reaches the uncomfortable part, activates inert cells and human body’s self-healing power Quantum Sprouts under the influence and penetration of modern science, especially modern physics and modern biomedicine, and develops on the basis of quantum mechanics. It uses the electronic fluctuations, radiation, and energy in the microscopic state to comprehensively, systematically, comprehensively, and develop the prevention, regulation, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, anti-aging, and detoxification of the patient’s body. Quantum is a hot ball, and the transfer of energy is discontinuous. The more quanta an object gets, the higher the temperature. Anion Purifying air Ecological negative ions Boost immunity Eliminate static electricity Eliminate odors Antibacterial and bacteriostatic Activated cells Antioxidant and anti-aging Decompose smoke Remove odor and formaldehyde Improve sleeping Promote blood circulation Purify the blood Alleviate respiratory diseases Eliminate fatigue Improve myocardial function Promote metabolism Disinfection and sterilization Improve lung function Enhance the ability to resist disease Optical Quartz High temperature resistance, good shock resistance, extremely small thermal expansion coefficient, and good chemical stability. Excellent optical properties, uniformity, birefringence, and excellent transmittance.

Innovative technology

Just to satisfy you who pursue health
For the health of you and your family, give your loved ones and babies a more comfortable choice Easy to operate Long-term work
Push button switch

Seiko production

Pure copper AC large motor, strong penetrability
Activate lazy cells and promote microcirculation metabolism Increase body yang, increase body temperature Quickly improve the
human immune system and reach the affected area


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